Feb 10, 2014

Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Rebellion (fangirl ramble)

Ok. So I watched the movie yesterday and had some time to think through so I'm here with my fangirl rambles. If you want a spoiler free overview and some event photos of the exclusive screening at SIngapore Orchard Cineleisure, pop over to the TheCosplayChronicles by clicking here.



Take note that this entry is ladened with spoilers , if you don't want to be spoilt don't read on.


Ok. I feel so torn with my opinions and the ending. Overall I thought it was a good movie and the graphics are stunning. I really liked the team work and happy-go-lucky life in the beginning. It might be a labyrinth but it was satisfying to watch.

I kinda feel like I might have misunderstood some parts and definitely look forward to rewatching it again. There's so much twists and big ideologies I think I had trouble understanding. 

But why did homura had to do that?! I found her final action unnecessarily extreme and yes I am a Homura fan but this movie made her out to be so selfish! Throughout the beginning of the show, you see homura desperately trying to uncover the truth behind the perfect world they live in. Getting into a cut throat fight with Mami and Sayaka only to discover at the end of her investigation that she was the witch that created this labyrinth and trapped the others within it.

Thefight between magi and homura was pretty epic and exciting. I kinda wish it was a bit slower though then I'll have more time to catch up with the movement. I always found it weird that Homura uses normal human weapons against witches. Aren't those witches supposed to be a manifestation of intensely negative emotions? 

I really liked how the animators did this part though. They allowed the viewers to slowly peel the truth apart along with Homura. It really allowed us to feel Homura's sadness and desperation on a personal level and took us by surprise. At that point it was hard not to sympathise with the strong and level headed girl who had been trying her best to protect madoka only to discover that in all her loneliness, she had unconsciously slipped into those she hunt. A witch.
Then the whole conspiracy with kyubeh comes in and blahblahblah. Kyubeh is as evil as ever=_=. I found the whole theory of a magical girl being able to reach her finalised form and still take victims from the world while trapped in the isolated void hard to comprehend. Yes yes kyubeh says it is by invitations only but if your body and spirit is trapped in an isolated capsule how do you reach out to invite?!

Am I missing something?

Photo credit: Desu Ex Machina

The fight between Mami and Homura was pretty epic too. I've always wondered how Homura's weapons work as it seems like she is just using normal human weapons (we saw her stealing them in the anime) against her foes. But aren't her enemies witches? And aren't witches and wraiths the manifestation of intensely negative emotions (and Magical girls)? And if so aren't they supposed to be a spiritual sort of being that technically cannot be penetrated by bullets?


Photo credit: GeekXchange


What about Magical girls? can they be physically hurt too? As demonstrated by Sayaka in the anime it seemed like magical girls possesses some zombie like abilities and won't die from physical wounds. If so then why did Homura have to take the trouble to shoot Mami's leg when she can self regenerate in less than 10 minutes? And why was Mami was worried about Homura shooting herself? That 'suicidal' scene was very good though and a very smart attempt at getting away from Mami's ribbon. Though the screen was too fast for me to figure out how the bullet hit mami's ribbon and how Homura was hit but then later appears totally ok. Can someone fill me in on these ?

She looks fine to me…


Mami had a much bigger role this time and we finally had more chance to get to know her. It does appear that Mami is the strongest in combat amongst them all. I love how she managed to get away from Homura’s bullet and even captured Homura with her ribbons.

Photo credit: Desu Ex Machina


Oh and sayaka! It's very good to see her walk out of her attachment to Kyosuke and even "gained life experience". She played a much bigger role in this movie and like I mentioned in my overview review on TCC , it was nice to see the real sayaka beneath all those anger and frustrations shown in the anime. And it was nice to see how she seemed to be able to harness her witch power as needed and still keep it under control.  It was also very nice to see her reciprocating Kyoko at the end. Kyoko was much more lovable in this movie and felt like a very reliable friend.

Well the ending was... I don't know. I guess I can't say I love it.




I honestly felt that if they had ended it with Homura as a witch and then being rescued by Madokami and the other girls, it would have sat better with me. But of course, this is pmmm and they like being rebelliously weird and they like to troll people so they just had to twist the plot again.

I felt it was very selfish of Homura to take a part of Madokami away to stay with her in this enclosed space, and along the way taking sayaka , bebe , kyoko , mami and the rest of the usual gang in. I can't help thinking that what Devil Homura did was like coming back to what the Witch Homura did ...only now she had power even over the Incubator (Kyubeh) and in her (Homura) own opinion, she protected Madoka.

Homura mentioned that she only took the part that identifies Kaname Madoka but I seriously dont get how it all works out. How do you take a part of a supposed higher being away ? Even if she claims to be the devil...I don't know, in my religion, my God is all mighty and the devil stand no chance lol.


Ok so Homura transformed beyond a witch in her enclosed space and became a devil due to her immense love for Madoka. She could do that because she holds this emotion that no one else can understand.  When it came to this part I rolled my eyes lol. Love as an emotion is not exclusive to you lei Homura,  maybe your weird lust for madoka lah but =_=;;


Was it because she jumped time periods so many times it increased the 'unfortunate' in her own fate? Coupled with the loneliness of her knowledge and then pushed by her extreme passion. Did all those negative emotions accumulate into immensely high and destructive Mana? Was these what made her the devil equivalent ? Coming here with my blog entry I realise... that those are also the very same factors that turns human into demons =\ 

Oh and the final part, I thought Madoka was going to remember her true form!!! But she ended up not /_\ I think I’ve written too much and I should stop LOL. And oddly enough, I  feel like cosplaying the devil version of Homura XD

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